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Replace complicated FTP clients and servers with simple, browser-based file sharing. Onehub delivers straightforward and secure access to your data from anywhere, anytime.

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A simpler, secure FTP alternative.

Say goodbye to your outdated FTP server once and for all. Start storing your files securely, backing up your data, and sharing your information more efficiently. Choose an easy to use, smarter, and secure alternative to FTP.

  • Familiar Organization

    Use Onehub as a secure alternative to FTP and easily oraganize your content to mimic your team’s existing file structure. Additionally, our FTP server alternative allows you to share files with partners and clients who aren’t Onehub users.

  • Share with Confidence

    Onehub provides you with a safe FTP alternative via bank-level encryption in transit and at rest. You have complete control over who accesses your content and how they access it.

  • Cost-Effective

    Say goodbye to complicated, outdated systems and hello to a better FTP alternative. With straightforward pricing, no long-term contract lockups, and a free 14-day trial, Onehub is the easiest way to replace your complicated FTP server.

More than 1 million people trust us as an FTP alternative.

An FTP alternative like Onehub makes sharing important data with your co-workers, partners, and clients incredibly simple while keeping your data secure.

Using Onehub has definitely supported our growth. We can secure our very private internal documents, yet control how we and other parties access the documents in real time, which has helped us scale.
Jaime Ostheimer

Jaime Ostheimer

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