Title IX Compliance

Onehub lets you control how you interact with clients and colleagues to remain compliant. With Onehub, you can privately share sensitive material with multiple parties — while keeping them unaware of each other.

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Share content confidently with secure file storage and sharing.

At Onehub, we understand it’s imperative to securely store and manage your files to remain in compliance. That’s why at Onehub we give you the control to set robust user permissions, keep track of all activity, and send & store sensitive information while keeping collaborators anonymous.

  • User Management

    Quickly set up your team for each Workspace. Grant/revoke access, modify roles, and control access to your account from a single location.

  • Object level security

    The Onehub permissions system is simple yet incredibly powerful. Add permissions to your account, a Workspace, a folder, a file, or a single link. This gives you complete control over what users can view, print, download and modify.

  • Revoke access

    Monitor what sessions, apps, and devices are currently connected to your account at any time and immediately revoke access to those connections when necessary.

  • Role-based permissions

    Easily control access with an advanced role-based permission system. Assign narrowly defined roles as needed, limiting access to your files with strict permissions such as Downloader, Printer, and Viewer.

  • Role Previews

    Once you set a role for a user, you can see the Workspace as they will see it, to ensure that only what you want shared is available.

  • Document Watermarking

    Automatically generate watermarks across your documents to identify your materials, help prevent leaks, and protect your property.

More than 1 million people trust us with their Title IX compliance.

Our robust security tools let you store & share your most sensitive files with confidence.

Using Onehub has definitely supported our growth. We can secure our very private internal documents, yet control how we and other parties access the documents in real time, which has helped us scale.
Jaime Ostheimer

Jaime Ostheimer

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