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Store your files, collaborate with coworkers, and impress your clients all in one place.

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Upload Upload files quickly and easily.

We constantly strive to make getting files in and out of the service as fast as humanly possible. Need to upload multiple files at once? Simply drag-and-drop them directly in to your browser. Need to upload a thousand? You can also use our FTP gateway or Onehub Sync to get the job done.

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Organize Organize your files in a familiar way.

  • It starts with Workspaces.

    Secure spaces that make it easy to organize your information and control exactly what invited users can see. A Workspace is like a folder, only more powerful with messages, comments, dashboards and more.

  • Organize using familiar folders.

    Just like on your computer, use folders to organize your content in the way that works best for you. No tags or labels required.

  • Move and copy.

    Easily move or copy multiple items to a different location in your Workspace or an entirely different Workspace altogether.

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Create and edit files with Google Drive.

Onehub works directly with Google’s document platform, Google Drive, to allow you to create and edit files from inside your Workspaces. You can even simutaneously collaborate on the exact same document with your fellow workspace members, all from within Onehub. When the last editor saves the document, all the group’s changes are saved back to Onehub.

Google Drive Feature
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Customize Make it your own.

When sharing your own files, your brand should be the focus, not ours. Upload your company logo and choose colors for your Workspaces to create a truly branded experience. You can customize the look of your Workspaces individually or across your entire account. On the Business plan, you can even remove all mention of Onehub and use a custom domain.

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Share Share with confidence.

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Access Securely access your content from anywhere.

Cloud collaboration on-the-go. Onehub's mobile and desktop applications allow you to access, organize, and share your content from multiple devices.

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Preview Preview files directly in your browser.

View high quality previews without having to download and open another application. Previews make it easy to work with your files in the cloud and give you more control allowing you to protect the original document and only grant view rights to others.

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Collaborate & Communicate Collaborate, communicate, and get things done with ease.

  • Workflow Tasks

    Ask people in your Workspace to review or approve files. You and your team can comment and communicate about workflow tasks and track them toward completion in the Workspace tasks page.

  • Messages

    Easily communicate with everyone in the Workspace by posting messages. Create a message with our simple rich-text-editor or by sending emails to your Workspace.

  • Comments

    Post comments on messages, folders and files. Comment icons highlight when comments are added showing you which items people are interacting with.

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