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  • Drag and Drop Uploading

    Upload files quickly and easily, simply drag-and-drop them directly in to your browser. Some modern browsers will even allow you to drag-and-drop entire folders at once.

  • Folder-Based Organization

    Just like on your computer, use folders to organize your content in the way that works best for you. No tags or labels required.

  • Move/Copy

    Easily move or copy multiple items to a different location in your Workspace or to an entirely different Workspace altogether.

  • Full-Text Search

    We securely index every word in your files, allowing you to search through your entire account, or a particular Workspace, to find exactly what you're looking for. You can even search through our online file previews to highlight specific text.

  • Version Control

    Any time changes are made to a file, Onehub generates a new version behind-the-scenes. Stay up to date with clear version numbering of files and easily access previous versions if necessary.

  • FTP Gateway

    Need to upload a ton of files or simply want to upload files the old-fashioned way? Onehub supports secure FTP access to any Workspace by only allowing connections over explicit TLS/SSL.


  • Invite Users

    Invite users at the Workspace, folder or individual file level, so they only have access to the documents you want them to see. Once invited, users receive an email with your branding, allowing them to set up a password and access your content.

  • User Management

    Quickly set up your team for each Workspace. Grant/revoke access, modify roles, and control access to your account from a single location.

  • Secure Links

    Secure links provide direct access to any folder or file without requiring a Onehub account. Upgrade to our Business plan to add password protection and expiration date options.

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  • Role-Based Permissions

    Easily control access with an advanced role-based permission system. Assign narrowly defined roles as needed, limiting access to your files with strict permissions such as Downloader, Printer, and Viewer.

  • Object-Level Security

    The Onehub permissions system is simple yet incredibly powerful. Add permissions to your account, a Workspace, a folder, a file, or a single link. This gives you complete control over what users can view, print, download and modify.

  • Role Previews

    Once you set a role for a user, you can see the Workspace as they will see it, to ensure that only what you want shared is available.

  • Audit Trails

    Keep track of who has accessed your content and which files have been seen, downloaded, or edited.

  • Complex Passwords

    Keep your user accounts more secure by enforcing a complex password policy. Onehub allows you to require that certain password criteria be met. Once enabled, users will be asked to update their passwords the next time they sign in if it does not fulfill the requirements.

  • Custom Session Timeouts

    Enforce custom session timeouts so users on your account are automatically signed out of Onehub after a designated period of inactivity or on a set schedule.

  • Two-factor Authentication

    Add an extra layer of security to accounts by requiring a unique code from a verified device be inputted at sign in.

  • Revoke Access

    Monitor what sessions, apps, and devices are currently connected to your account at any time and immediately revoke access to those connections when necessary.

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  • Online Viewer

    View high quality previews directly in your browser without having to download and open another application. Previews are available on mobile devices via both our native apps and mobile-optimized web views.

  • List/Thumbnails

    Easily switch between a traditional list view and a more visual thumbnail view of your folders and files. Change the default view for each Workspace to present your files to your users as you’d like.

  • Tons of Supported File Types

    Whether you’re writing a contract or doing industrial design, Onehub supports the file types you work in and makes those files previewable from your browser or mobile device. View the entire list of file types that Onehub supports on our support site.

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  • Comments

    Post comments on any folder or file to share thoughts and feedback with collaborators. Comment icons highlight which items people are interacting with.

  • Workflow Tasks

    Ask collaborators to review or approve files. Your team can comment and communicate on tasks and track them toward completion in the Workspace tasks page.

  • DocuSign Integration

    Onehub connects you directly to DocuSign so you can easily send documents saved in your Workspaces out for e-signature. Once all signatures are obtained, your signed documents are automatically saved to your Workspace.

  • Microsoft Office Online Integration

    Onehub and Microsoft Office Online are seamlessly integrated so you can easily create, edit, and collaborate on files directly inside your Workspaces. Any edits made to your files will be automatically saved back to Onehub.

  • Google Drive Integration

    Onehub works directly with Google Drive, allowing you to create and edit files from inside your Workspaces. You can even simultaneously collaborate on the exact same document with fellow Workspace members.

  • Messages

    Easily communicate with everyone in the Workspace by posting messages. Create and post messages online, or send emails to your collaborators.

  • Activity

    See exactly who has accessed your content and when. Export all activity events to analyze in Excel or other tools.

  • Notifications

    Instantly get notified when someone uploads a new file, posts a comment/message, or assigns you a task. Stay up-to-date with email summaries of all other Workspace activity.

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  • Your Logos and Colors

    Upload your company logo and pair it with a custom color to create a truly branded experience. Create different color schemes across different Workspaces for an easier, more visual workflow.

  • Branded Emails and Sign In Pages

    Your custom branding is carried through to sign in pages and email communications for an experience that is true to your company.

  • Workspace Themes

    Choose the default mode, logo, color, and pages that you want to be used for every new Workspace.

  • Custom Domains

    Give your Workspaces a fully polished look by accessing them from a domain of your choosing. Once activated, all invitations and links will point users to your custom domain.

  • White Label

    Add white label support to your account to remove all Onehub branding so that it looks and feels more familiar to your users. Additionally, you can forward Onehub communications through a custom email alias of your choosing.

  • Favorites

    Find what you need faster by pinning your favorite or most used Workspaces to the top of your User Home.

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Data Rooms

  • Stealth Mode

    Onehub data room features help you establish "blinders", letting Workspace participants see your content — but not each other. Perfect for sharing the same information with multiple bidders and competitors.

  • Automatic Indexing

    Add numerical indexing to every folder and file in your Workspace to create simple references to complex file structures for due diligence.

  • Automatic File Deletion

    Provide even greater data protection, and minimize manual folder maintenance by setting automatic file deletion timeframes.

  • Document Watermarks

    Automatically generate watermarks across your documents to identify your materials, help prevent leaks, and protect your property.

  • workspace Agreements

    Implement an agreement users must actively accept before accessing your content. Customize the agreement language to fit your specific needs.

  • Export Your Folder Listings

    Get a clear, bird’s-eye view of your Workspace hierarchy. Perfect for companies that require complex and precise folder and file structures.

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Client Portals

  • Embedded Sign In Forms

    Embed a sign in form to allow employees, business partners, or clients to quickly and securely sign in to your Onehub account directly from your own web page.

  • Dashboards

    Establish a dashboard to provide a welcome message, a high-level look at the activity in your Workspace, and a place to post useful links for your clients.

  • Hibernation Mode

    If a client or project winds down temporarily, place your account into hibernation mode. Hibernation mode temporarily prevents external access to your Workspaces but keeps all of your content available to you, ready for reactivation, all for a nominal monthly fee.

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With Onehub, we can customize who we send our information to, how we receive information back from them, and whether everyone has visibility into everyone else’s activity.

J. Bruce Ricciuti

Birch Capital
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