Real solutions for real estate agents

Onehub is based in Seattle, which, anyone here will tell you, is one of the hottest real estate markets in the country. The median home price in Seattle hit $700,000 this year, double what it was five years ago. A recent CNN Money article called buying a house in the Emerald City “particularly brutal.”

While this is certainly a very real problem for potential home buyers in our region, it certainly keeps area real estate agents busy. But, as a recent Bloomberg article points out, cloud computing is taking some of the busywork out of an agent’s job. They can spend less time on logistics and more time on selling. Read More…

Summer School: How interns can learn Onehub (without you)

While summer isn’t officially here yet, the sun is shining and colleges across the country are commencing with commencements. Hordes of fresh graduates are entering the workforce, many of them starting with that time honored tradition of being an intern.

While interns are bright-eyed and eager to work (for free!), let’s be honest — it can be a drag on your productivity to take time out to train them. For those of you with interns on the horizon, fear not! We can help you get them (and any new employees) up to speed quickly on your Onehub file sharing with our video tutorial series.

Read More…

Some basic tips for securing data in the cloud

This story originally appeared as a post over on the blog of Onehub’s sister product, Marshal. But it had some good, general tips for securing your data in the cloud, so we thought we’d re-post it here. 

As a refresher, Marshal is a new online tool that can scan your cloud accounts (such as Box, Dropbox, Onehub and more) to uncover any exposed sensitive data you may be storing. You can try it by running a free scan right now.  

Marshal is just a piece when puzzling out your security strategy

I take a ferry into work and often people will leave jigsaw puzzles out for passengers to complete. It’s quaint and a relaxing way to pass the time.

Data security, on the other hand is a puzzle that is neither quaint nor relaxing. It requires constant vigilance, which is why we built Marshal. But Marshal is just a piece of your overall security strategy. Read More…

Onehub ranks top 10 for most popular document management software

capterra-featured-top20-document-management-badgeWe are pleased to announce that Onehub was ranked among the Top 10 Most Popular Document Management Software solutions, according to Capterra, an online resource that matches businesses with software needs.

With more than 450 document management software providers listed on Capterra, breaking into the top 10 is quite an accomplishment, and a testament to the hard work we do here at Onehub. A post on the Capterra blog explains how they determined the rankings: Read More…

Now available: Live screenshare training

Pasted image at 2017_02_14 10_34 AMThe internet makes it easier than ever to learn just about anything on your own. But there are times when it’s easier if you have a guide — someone who works with you every step of the way to help you figure something out. This is why we now offer live training via screenshare.

Guided screenshares are perfect if you are a new Onehub account holder, have a new team member on your account, or have a new use case for your account. With a guided screenshare you can learn how to use Onehub features such as: Read More…

Find what you need with full-text search

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 2.51.43 PM
My wife and I have two very different approaches to organizing the files on our computer. She likes to create a very specific hierarchy of folders and sub folders, each properly categorized and labeled.

I prefer just dumping everything on the desktop and figuring it out later.

Whether you are more like my better half with your Onehub Workspaces or like me (come to the dark side!), we make finding what you’re looking for a snap with our full-text search. Read More…

Tap into the insights of our Activity Report

User_Activity_FilterTechnology lets us keep track of every minute detail of our lives. How many steps we take, the hours we sleep, how many calories we consume. By tracking things, we can get a bigger picture of our overall wellbeing.

It’s the same idea with Onehub’s Activity Report feature. By providing you a log of every event that happens in your account: What files are uploaded, by whom, who has accessed them and when, what was done with the files, etc., you get a better sense of your overall file sharing.

Our Activity Report also helps you understand how people are using your data — and in some cases, can help you make better business decisions in ways that might not immediately come to mind. Read More…