The All-new Onehub Sync: Better, Faster, Stronger Collaboration


One of the keys to better productivity is making sure that your entire team is always up to date with the latest information. To help you do that, today we are announcing the open beta for our all new Onehub Sync application. It’s been entirely rebuilt to be blazingly fast, scalable, reliable and secure.

The new Onehub Sync uses a peer-to-peer+one architecture that encrypts and keeps your data secure with your collaborators and on Onehub. This peer-to-peer+one approach keeps your data safe and makes your business collaborations much more awesome in four main ways:

In an always-on, on-demand world, seconds can mean the difference between getting the deal or the deal getting away. Keeping your colleagues on the same page with the most recent versions of documents, spreadsheets, and more is critical to your success. Read More…

Pro Tip: Google Doc Suggesting mode lets you redline edits in Onehub


It was sad for me to read about tech news blog Gigaom shutting down last week. I worked there for six and a half years and it was a tremendous experience — and a lot of that was because I had great collaborators and editors who made my writing better.

Writing is re-writing, and when you get good notes from people, it makes the creative process that much better for everyone. So here’s a pro tip for teams working on the same document shared in Onehub: use “Suggesting” in Google Docs and track edits directly in your Workspace.

Switching to Suggesting mode redlines your document, so you can see the exact changes that team members make. Whether it’s removing a word, fixing a typo, or adding a sentence, it’s all there for you to see who made what edits.

Here’s how to use Suggesting: Read More…

The Onehub crew competes in the Cross Fit Open

crossfit_georgeMembership at our local CrossFit “box” is one of the perks of working at Onehub. (If you want to call doing burpees till you drop a “perk.”) The CrossFit Open is like the March Madness for those who do the sport. It’s a yearly competition open to the public where CrossFitters around the world rank their might and metcon.

From the CrossFit Open site:

The 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games season begins with the online Open. Anyone can sign up to compete in five workouts over five weeks and post their scores online. Last year, the Open reached more than 209,000 athletes from around the world.

Seven of those athletes in the open this year work at Onehub or are Onehub alumni and are in the midst of this intense contest. We are two workouts into the Open and the man leading the Onehub pack is salesperson George Tramountanas. Read More…

FTP is not a four letter word

ftp_illustration5In this drag-and-drop world of content sharing, saying that companies should remember the joys of FTP is a bit like your dad saying you “really need” to check out Steely Dan. You’ve heard of it, but it sounds complicated and out of date.

But nothing could be further from the truth for organizations with massive amounts of data and complex folder structures that need to be stored and shared in the cloud. In certain environments, FTP can be better than HTTP for sending a large or complex structure of files. Thankfully, Onehub can help you marry the power of FTP uploads with the convenience of browser-based collaboration.

Here’s why FTP can be a good thing when uploading files in bulk: Read More…

Why you should run Onehub on your own domain


Everything is better when you make it your own: bespoke suits, your lunch order, even cloud-based collaboration is way better when you tailor it to your needs. That’s why Onehub offers custom domain mapping.

Custom domain mapping puts your Onehub Workspaces on a domain that you control. So instead of your users visiting to access your content, they do everything through your site.

It’s a small change, but it can have a big impact on your business through: Read More…

Massive preview options = more productivity and more security


Being able to preview many different file types directly from within Onehub is a great way to boost your productivity and keep your data more secure.

Get more done
Having to switch between multiple apps to preview a document is a giant roadblock to productivity. That’s why Onehub supports previews of 35 different file types — so you don’t have to switch between (or even install) different apps.

Need to review a Word document, a video or even a CAD file? Do it all (and way way more) from within your Onehub Workspace. Just launch it from Onehub and start looking at it right away. Even better, you can do all your reviewing on your mobile device or tablet in Onehub, so you can get even more done when you’re on the go.

Better data protection
Onehub’s expanded preview capabilities also helps keep your data more secure. With our granular permission settings, the files you share can all be viewed within Onehub and can’t be altered. Your team can see your documents — but they can’t change them.

Additionally, by keeping tight permission controls and everything viewable within Onehub, you limit how your files can be shared, so you know who has access to your work.

Here’s a list of all the file types you can preview while in Onehub. Read More…

Hackers target law firms

network_securityIt’s not just big companies that face serious threats from hack attacks — the law firms that represent them are banding together to share information as they become the latest targets for hackers and online criminals. According to a report by The New York Times:

Law enforcement agencies have long been concerned about the vulnerability of United States law firms to online attacks because they are seen by hackers and nations bent on corporate espionage as a rich repository of company secrets, business strategies and intellectual property.

We’ve written before about how Onehub makes security a top priority for our online file sharing and collaboration. With bank-level encryption, robust permission controls and audit trails, Onehub goes to extreme lengths to protect your data.

A number of law firms have selected Onehub not only because of the enhanced content protection, but also because we offer firms enhanced services like client portals and virtual data rooms.

If you’re a law firm looking for a better way to protect your clients and your client’s data, contact us to see what Onehub can do for you, or try Onehub for free.

How to make users accept an agreement before accessing your content


At Onehub, we want to provide our customers with an arsenal of privacy tools to better protect their data. So in addition to features like granular permissions and secure links, Onehub allows you to create Workspace agreements that your users must accept before accessing content.

Agreements are a powerful tool for establishing rules governing access to the content you are sharing. With Onehub, you can use a default agreement, or create a customized one tailored to the specific files you are sharing.

Setting up an agreement is easy. Go to the Settings of your Workspsace. Read More…