Onehub ranks top 10 for most popular document management software

capterra-featured-top20-document-management-badgeWe are pleased to announce that Onehub was ranked among the Top 10 Most Popular Document Management Software solutions, according to Capterra, an online resource that matches businesses with software needs.

With more than 450 document management software providers listed on Capterra, breaking into the top 10 is quite an accomplishment, and a testament to the hard work we do here at Onehub. A post on the Capterra blog explains how they determined the rankings: Read More…

Now available: Live screenshare training

Pasted image at 2017_02_14 10_34 AMThe internet makes it easier than ever to learn just about anything on your own. But there are times when it’s easier if you have a guide — someone who works with you every step of the way to help you figure something out. This is why we now offer live training via screenshare.

Guided screenshares are perfect if you are a new Onehub account holder, have a new team member on your account, or have a new use case for your account. With a guided screenshare you can learn how to use Onehub features such as: Read More…

Find what you need with full-text search

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 2.51.43 PM
My wife and I have two very different approaches to organizing the files on our computer. She likes to create a very specific hierarchy of folders and sub folders, each properly categorized and labeled.

I prefer just dumping everything on the desktop and figuring it out later.

Whether you are more like my better half with your Onehub Workspaces or like me (come to the dark side!), we make finding what you’re looking for a snap with our full-text search. Read More…

Tap into the insights of our Activity Report

User_Activity_FilterTechnology lets us keep track of every minute detail of our lives. How many steps we take, the hours we sleep, how many calories we consume. By tracking things, we can get a bigger picture of our overall wellbeing.

It’s the same idea with Onehub’s Activity Report feature. By providing you a log of every event that happens in your account: What files are uploaded, by whom, who has accessed them and when, what was done with the files, etc., you get a better sense of your overall file sharing.

Our Activity Report also helps you understand how people are using your data — and in some cases, can help you make better business decisions in ways that might not immediately come to mind. Read More…

Three ways to speed up your Onehub workflow

screen-shot-2017-01-04-at-9-48-22-amWe’re just a few days into the new year. You are probably slowly coming to the realization that holidays are over and work is the new normal (again). As always, we at Onehub want to make your work life easier. Don’t think of these as resolutions, think of it as three quick ways you can get work done faster and more efficiently (so you can get back to your real resolutions).

1. Use a custom sign-in form. Embedding a short snippet of code allows users to sign into Onehub directly from your site. That way, you can have better control over their file sharing experience by directing them to your site before accessing your content. Read More…

Winterize your Workspaces to prep for 2017

img_3207We got snowed in up here in the Pacific Northwest this past weekend. Hearty midwesterners and east coasters may scoff at our 3 – 4 inches (which has already melted), but the brief snow caught me off guard and I hurriedly trudged around in my boots removing garden hoses and clearing out gutters.

There’s a lesson in here for businesses of all sizes experiencing a flurry of activity as 2016 comes to a close. Just as you do with your accounting, you should take a look at your business file sharing to make sure you are getting the most out of your Onehub subscription, and are prepared for the coming year. Here are a few tips to help you out. Read More…