Five Onehub features to be thankful for


Before Team Onehub heads off to enjoy our Thanksgiving holiday, we want to take a minute to say thank you to the more than one million people who use us worldwide. Providing you with the best way to securely store and share your business files online is the reason we get up in the morning.

So thank you, for trusting Onehub. We appreciate your business.

In that (holiday) spirit, here are five reasons you can be thankful for choosing Onehub.

  1. Data Rooms: One of our most popular features, Data Rooms are the perfect solution when augmented privacy and security are needed. If you’re a startup looking to close a round of funding before year’s end, or a company looking to accept bids from multiple vendors, a Data Room is the best option for you.
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How to pick the right Onehub plan for your business

pricing-plan-wayfindingOne of the reasons companies choose Onehub for their business file sharing and collaboration is because of our straightforward pricing plans. Sometimes, however, you may not be sure which is the right plan for your business. Here’s a simple guide to help you decide.

Cost: $29.95/month
Includes: 3 paid users and 1 TB of storage (1 TB can hold more than 85 million pages of Word documents)
Perfect for: Small companies who only need to store a smaller amount of data in the cloud and collaborate with a handful of people.
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On smart growth

seattle-from-alkiThe tech world (and tech press) often focus on the Silicon Valley-centric world of huge VC-backed startups. And there is a good reason for that — a lot of those kinds of companies do interesting, innovative things. But as Farhad Manjoo recently wrote in The New York Times, there is another, often less reported, less traditional, and less glamourous way to build a business.

In his story on Mailchimp, Manjoo writes:

“In fact, it’s possible to create a huge tech company without taking venture capital, and without spending far beyond your means. It’s possible, in other words, to start a tech company that runs more like a normal business than a debt-fueled rocket ship careening out of control. Believe it or not, start-ups don’t even have to be headquartered in San Francisco or Silicon Valley.”

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Coordinate your collaboration to unlock better business file sharing


One of the best pieces of fashion advice (stay with me) I ever got was: your shoes should match your belt which should match your watch. Coordinate all three to make a more polished look. The same could be said for your business file sharing, which is why we offer awesome branding tools such as customization, whitelabeling and custom domains. When you activate all three, you unlock the most professional, polished version of your business collaboration that will be more efficient and impress any client or customer. Read More…

The paperless office is finally coming


According to a weekend story in The Wall Street Journal (subscription required), after decades of promise, we may be finally on the verge of a truly paperless office! Maybe. Not right away — but soon!

Quoting research from InfoTrends, the Journal writes:

For the first time in history, there is a steady decline of about 1% to 2% a year in office use of paper. Add in the dip in use during the most recent recession, and as of 2016, we are already 10% below the peak of the number of pages produced by office printing and copying in 2007.

The Journal attributes this erosion in paper use to the rise of mobile devices and e-signature services. And though they don’t mention them specifically — cloud services like Onehub have certainly done their part to decrease the reliance on paper.
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