Hackers target law firms

network_securityIt’s not just big companies that face serious threats from hack attacks — the law firms that represent them are banding together to share information as they become the latest targets for hackers and online criminals. According to a report by The New York Times:

Law enforcement agencies have long been concerned about the vulnerability of United States law firms to online attacks because they are seen by hackers and nations bent on corporate espionage as a rich repository of company secrets, business strategies and intellectual property.

We’ve written before about how Onehub makes security a top priority for our online file sharing and collaboration. With bank-level encryption, robust permission controls and audit trails, Onehub goes to extreme lengths to protect your data.

A number of law firms have selected Onehub not only because of the enhanced content protection, but also because we offer firms enhanced services like client portals and virtual data rooms.

If you’re a law firm looking for a better way to protect your clients and your client’s data, contact us to see what Onehub can do for you, or try Onehub for free.

How to make users accept an agreement before accessing your content


At Onehub, we want to provide our customers with an arsenal of privacy tools to better protect their data. So in addition to features like granular permissions and secure links, Onehub allows you to create Workspace agreements that your users must accept before accessing content.

Agreements are a powerful tool for establishing rules governing access to the content you are sharing. With Onehub, you can use a default agreement, or create a customized one tailored to the specific files you are sharing.

Setting up an agreement is easy. Go to the Settings of your Workspsace. Read More…

Onehub is hiring! Customer Support Engineer

What we do

Onehub makes beautiful and intuitive software that helps businesses share files with their teams and customers across multiple platforms — web, desktop, tablet, and mobile.

What we are looking for

  • Firm grasp of how web and cloud applications work
  • Experience troubleshooting software issues directly with clients
  • Strong writing and communication skills
  • Excellent phone manner
  • Interest in web development and programming are a plus

Read More…

How Onehub can help startups raise money


Even though we are in frothy times, raising money is still a grind for startups. If you are a founder, you want to focus on your product, not manage minscule logistics of the pitch process.

Startups need more than just secure and easy online document sharing. They need to share the same information with multiple potential investors — without those investors discovering who else is in contention. And sharing your pitch doesn’t have to be a one-way street! There is data to be mined from the way potential investors interact with your materials that Onehub can help you surface.

If you are a startup founder, Onehub can make the whole process of raising money easier and more productive, whether you are seeking your seed or your Series A – Z: Read More…

Even Better Document Previews

Document previews are one of the most important features of Onehub. We have one of the best document previewing experiences around, but that didn’t stop us from making it even better. Today, I’m excited to announce the launch of our brand new document previewer.


Our new previewer is HTML-based, rather than Flash-based. This not only means that you no longer need to have Flash installed but, crucially, you can now view any Onehub preview from your mobile devices. In addition, this allowed us to implement accurate, text-based searching of your documents directly from the preview. As a side benefit, selecting/copying/pasting text is easier now as well. On top of these technical improvements, we also revamped the interface and increased the fidelity for all previews. Here is a full list of the improvements you can expect from the new Onehub previews:

  • HTML-based
  • Mobile-friendly previews
  • Full-text search from your previews
  • Higher fidelity previews
  • Improved design
  • Automatic zooming
  • Jump to a specific page in your preview
  • Support for native browser full screen modes

The new Onehub previewer puts us ahead of the curve and we hope it delights our customers as well. If you have any feedback, tweet us @onehub or email us at support@onehub.com.

Meet Andrew — Onehub Designer and Half Marathon Man

In this month’s team post, we’d like to introduce you to Andrew Juarez. Andrew is the newest member of the Onehub Design team and recently completed is first half marathon.


Q – How did you get into long distance running? 
A – About 9 years ago, a year after graduating high school, I started to develop a (somewhat) regular fitness routine. Lifting weights and strength training were my focus, but I would add in about 20 to 30 minutes of pavement or treadmill running a few times a week.

For several years, I would run the same distance of about 3 to 4 miles each time. It wasn’t until about the end of 2011 that I began to push my distance further. I started tracking my runs with a smart phone app that stores various bits of data such as distance, duration, mile times, altitude, calories, etc. I would use the data as motivation to push myself on subsequent runs.

In the fall of 2012 when I moved to Seattle, I discovered some great areas for running. I spent a lot of time improving my distance by running around Green Lake as well as areas of the Burke Gilman Trail. I also did some research on midsole running techniques, proper footwear, and nutrition. By 2013, I was comfortable running 8 to 10 miles with an average mile time of about 8 minutes. Read More…

How Enterprise File Sharing Can Make You a Better Manager


Documents and files are considered the key component behind any business process. Organizations, regardless of their size or type, create, share, and collaborate on these files to perform their core operations. From simple process workflow to key decision-making, managers and executives rely heavily on the data stored in such documents and files. Timely and secure access to the files is highly essential for them.

Cloud based enterprise file sharing is an efficient file sharing approach that is making quick and successful inroads in enterprise content management and collaboration. It enables managers and executives to have secure, reliable, quick, and global access to their files and team members’ projects. It not only enables storing and sharing files but also provides a collaborative work environment for managers and employees. Read More…