Coordinate your collaboration to unlock better business file sharing


One of the best pieces of fashion advice (stay with me) I ever got was: your shoes should match your belt which should match your watch. Coordinate all three to make a more polished look. The same could be said for your business file sharing, which is why we offer awesome branding tools such as customization, whitelabeling and custom domains. When you activate all three, you unlock the most professional, polished version of your business collaboration that will be more efficient and impress any client or customer. Read More…

The paperless office is finally coming


According to a weekend story in The Wall Street Journal (subscription required), after decades of promise, we may be finally on the verge of a truly paperless office! Maybe. Not right away — but soon!

Quoting research from InfoTrends, the Journal writes:

For the first time in history, there is a steady decline of about 1% to 2% a year in office use of paper. Add in the dip in use during the most recent recession, and as of 2016, we are already 10% below the peak of the number of pages produced by office printing and copying in 2007.

The Journal attributes this erosion in paper use to the rise of mobile devices and e-signature services. And though they don’t mention them specifically — cloud services like Onehub have certainly done their part to decrease the reliance on paper.
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Edmunds puts the brakes on meetings (like us!)

onehub_meeting_roomWe were tickled to read a Wall Street Journal article about how has instituted a reduced meetings policy (subscription required). Dubbed “Thinking Thursdays,” it’s an attempt by the car website to restrict the number of hours spent in meetings and free up creativity. To that we say, welcome to the club!

As our CEO wrote last year, Onehub is pretty aggressive in limiting the number of formal meetings we hold. Too often they are a time waster, and we can get more done by:

  • Operating lean, thereby reducing layers of management
  • Using fantastic collaboration tools like Slack (and — ahem — Onehub)
  • Having an open floor plan that facilitates efficient communication across teams

If you and your business are stuck in a never-ending cycle of meetings, consider scheduling some of them for the first of never. It could free up not just your time, but your mind as well.

Reminder: Turn on two-factor authentication

2fa-illustrationLabor Day is just around the corner and you probably have a huge to-do list to get through before heading out on that last long weekend of summer. We know you’re busy, but we’d like to add one more item to that to-do list: turn on two-factor authentication on your Onehub account.

We’ve written before about the importance of two-factor authentication to better secure your account, which is why we highly recommend that you enable it. Read More…

Onehub awarded “Best Workplace” in Washington

wa-best-onehubThis month, The Puget Sound Business Journal (PSBJ) confirmed what everyone here already knew — Onehub is one of the best places to work in Washington State!

Close to 300 companies were nominated for the honor, with Onehub being named one of Washington’s “Best Workplaces” with 10 – 49 employees. The award was given at a ceremony on August 11 at Safeco Field in Seattle.

Onehub’s story resonated with the PSBJ, and our workplace culture has fostered a place where employees buck modern trends and stay with us for a long time. Some of the office perks that resulted in our winning a Best Workplace include: Read More…

Meet Mike McCracken, Onehub developer, robotic mini golf enthusiast

Slack for iOS UploadOnehub has a lot of big plans for the back half of 2016. Obviously we can’t talk about them all here and ruin the surprise, but we can give you the vaguest of teasers and say that we have hired Mike McCracken to make our upcoming products even more awesome.

We sat down with Mike, to ask him about what he’ll be doing at Onehub, and how industrial presses can make mini golf better.
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Video: University of Washington Athletics scores with Onehub


The design team at the University of Washington Athletics department in Seattle, Washington oversees artwork, video and other media for 23 different sports teams. It’s a big, deadline driven job that requires complex collaboration across departments and the ability to easily and quickly share big files with coaches and players wherever they might be.

That’s why the UW Athletics department chose Onehub for all of its media file storage and sharing needs. After learning about us from another Onehub sports customer, the Seattle Seahawks, UW Athletics implemented Onehub and saw immediate benefits and improved workflows. Read More…

We’re hiring a Full Stack Software Engineer!

onehub-profile-photoThe year is half over, and 2016 is already shaping up to be a blockbuster for Onehub. Sales are strong and continue to grow, our apps are better than ever, and there are some very cool surprises we are secretly working on in our labs.

Things are going so well that we need to add another member to our team. We are hiring a Full Stack Software Engineer. Read the full job description below. If you think you fit the bill, email us your resume at

Full Stack Software Engineer

Onehub builds business software that doesn’t suck. Our flagship product provides a better way to securely store and share business files. We are a close-knit, nimble team helping more than 1 million users collaborate more effectively.

We are looking for an experienced Full Stack Software Engineer to join our Product team. The ideal candidate will possess broad knowledge of full-stack web projects and deep expertise in engineering and CS fundamentals. At Onehub, we’re not weighed down by multiple layers of middle management and legacy systems. You will have the opportunity to make an immediate impact via direct contributions to the success of our product and the delight of our customers.

This position is full-time and based in our Seattle office.

You’re the perfect candidate if: Read More…