Optimize Onehub between business waves


It’s summer (basically)! As such, things will probably slow down a bit in your office as people go on vacation, take Hamptons Fridays, and generally find any excuse to duck out a bit early.

Lucky for you that Onehub makes it easy to scale up and down to accommodate the waves of business (and busy-ness) that ebb and flow throughout the year. When you are experiencing downtime, there are some easy ways to optimize your Onehub experience and get the most value out of your account.

Here are a few steps we suggest you take.

    1. Adjust the number of paid users. Does everyone on that project still need to be on your account? If not, remove participants who are no longer necessary.
    1. Adjust the permission levels of users. There is a difference between paid and free users on Onehub. Once a project is finished, you can adjust the roles of users to reduce the number of paid users on your account.
    1. Discontinue whitelabeling. If you no longer require a custom domain and whitelabeling, you can turn that extra service off.
  1. Go annual. You can get an instant discount if you switch from a monthly plan to a yearly one.

You can also just give us a call at +1 (877)644-7774 and describe your situation. We want to make sure that you have the best experience with Onehub and our success team is happy to talk with you to see if we can come up with the best solution for you.