Real solutions for real estate agents

For busy real estate agents in Seattle, a virtual data room will help you share information with several people while keeping all parties anonymous. Agents can store secure and sensitive documents within the virtual data room and only give permission to certain individuals to access that information.  

A virtual data room is perfect for a busy real estate agent that has multiple bids on a hot piece of Seattle real estate. The listing and the property information can be shared with all of the bidders without them knowing each other or that the information is being shared. Activating a virtual data room with Onehub is easy, secure, convenient, and cost-effective.  

We actually serve a ton of real estate firms, both commercial and residential because of the efficiencies Onehub enables. If you’re a real estate agent, here are just a few of the ways we can help you save time and money: 

A Virtual Data Room Can Help You Save Time and Money 

        • Securely store files: Keep all the relevant reports, photos and any other paperwork associated with the house in a Onehub Workspace. Our bank-level security means your documents are safe and accessible to your clients whenever they need them. Plus, our advanced permissions means you can limit a client’s interaction precisely how you’d like. 
        • Streamline communication: Use our Tasks and Comments feature to keep all your communication around a particular listing within Onehub — eliminating the need to track down questions or answers across different IM and email threads.
      • Create a Virtual Data Room: If you find a listing you think might appeal to many different parties, create a Virtual Data Room. It’s a central place where you can share the same information to multiple people, without them knowing about each other. Perfect for accepting multiple bids.  

And that’s just to get you started. Onehub also offers Custom AgreementsAutomatic WatermarkingCustomization options and so much more. 

Whether you’re in Seattle or St. Louis, Onehub makes selling and buying easier for real estate agents. Contact Onehub today to learn more about setting up and activating your virtual data room for a safe and easy real estate data storage solution.  

Image by Garrett Parker.

Some basic tips for securing data in the cloud

This story originally appeared as a post over on the blog of Onehub’s sister product, Marshal. But it had some good, general tips for securing your data in the cloud, so we thought we’d re-post it here. 

As a refresher, Marshal is a new online tool that can scan your cloud accounts (such as Box, Dropbox, Onehub and more) to uncover any exposed sensitive data you may be storing. You can try it by running a free scan right now.  

Marshal is just a piece when puzzling out your security strategy

I take a ferry into work and often people will leave jigsaw puzzles out for passengers to complete. It’s quaint and a relaxing way to pass the time.

Data security, on the other hand is a puzzle that is neither quaint nor relaxing. It requires constant vigilance, which is why we built Marshal. But Marshal is just a piece of your overall security strategy. Continue reading

On Smart Growth

The tech world (and tech press) often focus on the Silicon Valley-centric world of huge VC-backed startups. And there is a good reason for that — a lot of those kinds of companies do interesting, innovative things. But as Farhad Manjoo recently wrote in The New York Times, there is another, often less reported, less traditional, and less glamourous way to build a business.

In his story on Mailchimp, Manjoo writes:

“In fact, it’s possible to create a huge tech company without taking venture capital, and without spending far beyond your means. It’s possible, in other words, to start a tech company that runs more like a normal business than a debt-fueled rocket ship careening out of control. Believe it or not, start-ups don’t even have to be headquartered in San Francisco or Silicon Valley.”

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The paperless office is finally coming

According to a weekend story in The Wall Street Journal (subscription required), after decades of promise, we may be finally on the verge of a truly paperless office! Maybe. Not right away — but soon!

Quoting research from InfoTrends, the Journal writes:

For the first time in history, there is a steady decline of about 1% to 2% a year in office use of paper. Add in the dip in use during the most recent recession, and as of 2016, we are already 10% below the peak of the number of pages produced by office printing and copying in 2007.

The Journal attributes this erosion in paper use to the rise of mobile devices and e-signature services. And though they don’t mention them specifically — cloud services like Onehub have certainly done their part to decrease the reliance on paper.
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Edmunds puts the brakes on meetings (like us!)

We were tickled to read a Wall Street Journal article about how has instituted a reduced meetings policy (subscription required). Dubbed “Thinking Thursdays,” it’s an attempt by the car website to restrict the number of hours spent in meetings and free up creativity. To that we say, welcome to the club!

As our CEO wrote last year, Onehub is pretty aggressive in limiting the number of formal meetings we hold. Too often they are a time waster, and we can get more done by:

  • Operating lean, thereby reducing layers of management
  • Using fantastic collaboration tools like Slack (and — ahem — Onehub)
  • Having an open floor plan that facilitates efficient communication across teams

If you and your business are stuck in a never-ending cycle of meetings, consider scheduling some of them for the first of never. It could free up not just your time, but your mind as well.

Optimize Onehub between business waves


It’s summer (basically)! As such, things will probably slow down a bit in your office as people go on vacation, take Hamptons Fridays, and generally find any excuse to duck out a bit early.

Lucky for you that Onehub makes it easy to scale up and down to accommodate the waves of business (and busy-ness) that ebb and flow throughout the year. When you are experiencing downtime, there are some easy ways to optimize your Onehub experience and get the most value out of your account.

Here are a few steps we suggest you take. Continue reading

Today is “World Backup Day,” you should totally do that

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 2.51.18 PMWe are not ones to celebrate frivolous days of recognition (we’re looking at you, “Vitamin C Day”), but today is evidently World Backup Day, “a day for people to learn about the increasing role of data in our lives and the importance of regular backups.”

Since Onehub is the better way to securely store and share your business files in the cloud, Backup Day is a recognition we can get behind.

Having just one copy of your documents living on your hard drive is silly and potentially dangerous for your business. What if you lose/break/crash/spill vitamin C water all over your computer?

With Onehub, you can keep all your business files safely in the cloud and access them whenever they are needed. Once in Onehub, we keep your content secure with our bank-level data encryption both in transit and at rest.

Onehub’s automatic file versioning allows you to keep track of changes you make to your documents, so you can update and rollback as needed.

So do yourself a favor: Whether you choose to use Onehub (you totally should!) or some other method, make every day a backup day.

Celebrating 10 years of “Cloud City”

hbd-s3Amazon Web Services (AWS), the retail giant’s cloud computing division, recently celebrated the 10 year anniversary of its first product — Simple Storage Solution (S3). AWS’ on-demand approach to infrastructure kickstarted a generation of startups — including Onehub.

Onehub is able to deliver secure, scalable, speedy file sharing because of our AWS integration. So for that, we will raise a glass to Amazon on its tenth birthday. Continue reading