Going to market? Reduce signup steps to improve conversions

It’s almost the end of January, so the gym, which has been packed with New Year’s resolutioners since the start of the month, is returning to normal levels. A big reason people drop off so quickly is that they put up too many barriers to getting the results they want. The gym is too far away. They don’t block off time. They don’t learn proper form.

Each of these factors on their own can be fixed, but combine them all together and it becomes too much to bother with for most people. So they quit. This same path to frustration happens with SaaS businesses as they go to market. For whatever reason, many SaaS businesses continue to throw up their own barriers, forcing potential conversions to quit before they even get started.

Don’t let your business be one of them. Here’s what we did at Onehub to remove friction from our signup process to improve our sales conversions by more than 100%. Continue reading

How to have your due diligence ready, all the time

Diligence-Data-Room-Screenshot-1-1Whether or not we’re in a tech bubble, quasi-bubble or whatever you want to call it, there is more scrutiny of startups than ever. An easy tactic to help your company survive that scrutiny is to have all of your due diligence always up-to-date and always at your fingertips.

Let’s be honest. Due diligence is not fun, and it’s real easy to put off if you don’t need it right now. In the best of times, keeping up on your due diligence is a good habit to be in because a good CEO should always know their numbers and be prepared for anything. Continue reading

Being thankful is cool

We had a healthy debate at our Monday meeting over the merits of Cool Whip as a pumpkin pie topping. Obviously fresh whipped cream is the best, but the whole discussion was fun and made me grateful for working with a fantastic group of people.

It also got me thinking about a piece in The New York Times that came out over the weekend about actively practicing gratitude. In it, Arthur C. Brooks points out that one path towards a happier life is actively expressing gratitude for the mundane, everyday things we take for granted: Continue reading

Eight years, one mission: build a business


My company, Onehub, recently celebrated its eight year anniversary. It’s crazy to think about how different the startup world was just eight years ago. In 2007, the iPhone had just launched, unicorns were still rare, and file sharing was just crossing over into the mainstream.

Over the course of those eight years, the enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) space has spawned and attracted the attention of giants:

    • Dropbox took more than $1 billion in funding
    • Box went public
    • Both Microsoft and Google are making aggressive moves into the space

Faced with daunting competition like that, it would be easy to throw our hands up and throw in the towel. But we don’t, because we are too busy building a lasting business. Continue reading

When setting up a NAT gateway with Amazon VPCs, size matters


Amazon’s cloud computing services have made launching an app or a startup easier than it has ever been. Sometimes getting set up may be a little too easy and you can overlook a simple step that can save your business time, frustration and money.

Paying attention to the size of your NAT gateway is really important when creating your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) computing environment, and it’s important to monitor as your business scales.

The NAT gateway is what allows your VPC to communicate with Amazon services, the Internet, and more importantly — your customers. It will impact the speed with which your end users will be able to complete the tasks they want to perform through your service. The selection of the NAT gateway instance size is a simple drop-down menu. But it’s a drop-down menu you should pay attention to! Continue reading

How my startup minimizes meetings

onehub_meeting_roomI have a reputation for being direct among my employees. With that in mind I won’t bury the lead and come right out to say — most meetings are a huge waste of time and I actively encourage everyone at Onehub to build great products without them.

I’m not talking about one-on-ones or a weekly update, but rather the lumbering, overpopulated meetings that tend to cram up the average worker’s calendar. By one estimate, unnecessary meetings waste $37 billion a year in the U.S., and 47 percent of average meeting attendees said meetings were their top time waster at the office.  

To fight off meeting fatigue, here’s how I keep everyone on the Onehub team productive without bogging down their days. Continue reading

With Onehub, file storage is business, not personal


Amid the Apple news last week of a new TV box, new iPhones, and a bigger iPad was the small nugget that it cut the price of its iCloud storage in half. This is great news for consumers, who have another low(er)-cost option for storing data in the cloud.

But what’s good for consumers, may not always be good for your business. People who use mass market cloud storage providers may wind up putting your corporate data in those personal accounts out of convenience or confusion if they have both a business and personal account with the same service.

The good news is that at Onehub, we’re more interested in securely hosting your company’s important financial documents than your family photos. We were built from the ground up to give businesses the best online collaboration experience. Continue reading

Onehub makes getting back to work better

1980-computer-workerWith vacations over, charcoal embers of Labor Day BBQs extinguished, and all the dust motes from Burning Man’s playa vacuumed from the crevices of the rental RV — it’s time to get back to work. And let’s be honest, you really only have two and a half months to get really solid work done. Once Thanksgiving hits, the holidays push everything out again until 2016.

So, with those office realities on the calendar, here are some Onehub tips to make you super productive right away. Continue reading