Client Portal Software Can Boost Brands and Revenue

Branding doesn’t always come easy. For some business owners, it’s a matter of not knowing where to start. For others, it’s a budget issue. But there is a way around both hurdles.

If you’re a small business owner who is ready to make branding a priority, learning more about client portal software is a great place to start. Here’s what you need to know.

What’s in a Brand?

A company’s brand has multiple layers. It starts with visual cues, such as a logo and custom colors. Diving deeper into a brand uncovers its personality, unique attributes, and how it leaves consumers feeling about their interactions with it.

Online reviews, influencers, and word of mouth via social media have made it more difficult for companies to control the development of their brands. This often leaves businesses without a large marketing team unsure of the best branding path to take.

Does Every Business Need a Brand?

Uncertainty leads to some business owners putting their undeveloped brands on the company back burner. But by not working on their brand, these companies are missing out on some amazing benefits.


  • Builds trust
  • Generates new leads
  • Creates value
  • Boosts reviews and referrals

Branding also helps customers develop loyalty. An impressive 77% of consumers say they’ve remained with a brand for more than a decade. Put simply, branding can boost your bottom line by securing long-term customers or clients.

Client Portal Software and Branding

Even if you understand the importance of branding, knowing where to start can be a different issue. Client portal software is a potential branding solution to consider.

Client portals are a cloud-based method of interacting with clients. Think of them as virtual lockers. You can safely store proposals, contracts, documents with project details, and invoices in a virtual space that only you and its assigned client have access to.

You can also communicate through portals and track a project’s progress. Client portals eliminate frustrating searches for documents, provide a professional virtual setting, and cater to a client’s security concerns.

They’re ideal for businesses who need to simultaneously maintain multiple projects with multiple clients while providing a personalized experience. Client portals for accountants provide a single place to communicate and share files with customers that are linked to from the accountant’s main website making it easy to find and access. This is also true for lawyers, marketing agencies, health providers, and architects, among others.

Client portals can naturally help a company develop their brand through consistency, a critical element of branding. According to a Lucidpress and Demand Metric survey, a consistent brand presentation can increase revenue by up to 23%. Portals can also boost your bottom line by eliminating busy work and allowing you to take on more clients.

If you’re considering client portal software, look for the following features that can assist with branding.

  • Customization – A client portal that allows you to upload your company logo and add custom colors will create a visual brand that clients will recognize with consistent exposure. Make sure your portal carries this customization through to sign in pages and emails. You should also be able to add white label support so that your clients enjoy a seamless experience.
  • Security – Your client portal should guarantee strong security measures for both your business and clients, including document watermarks, automatic file deletion, and workspace agreements.
  • Ease of use – Your ideal client portal should include an embedded sign-in form feature. This will allow you to place a sign-in box directly on your website. This way, clients won’t have to search for a link or remember a different website address. You’ll also want to look for a portal that provides clients with an inviting and simple to use dashboard for navigation.

Building a brand is important to all business sizes and industries, and finding the right tools is the first step of the process. Onehub is a great example of client portal software that offers branding features. If you want to learn more about how client portals can help you build your brand, start a free 14-day trial today at