Introducing the new Onehub Enterprise plan

ENTERPRISE SCREENWhen you run a large business, or are part of one that’s growing quickly, you need to make sure your business file sharing will accommodate all your needs as you scale. You need to share what you want, when you want, with whomever you want.  That’s why today we are happy to introduce our new Onehub Enterprise plan.

Onehub Enterprise is our ultimate subscription plan, giving your business file sharing room to grow, and providing built-in extras and services to make your collaboration experience the best it can be.

With a Onehub Enterprise plan, you get all of the features of our Onehub Business edition, including bank-level security, session timeouts and more. Plus, Onehub Enterprise also comes with a host of other great features such as:

    • Unlimited Workspaces and unlimited users, so you can share with as many people as you like
    • Dedicated support staff will answer any questions you have about the product or your account to ensure you’re optimizing your Onehub experience
    • Customized training for you and your team so you can get up and running quickly

Onehub Enterprise is available worldwide today. To find out if Onehub Enterprise is right for you, and for pricing details, contact our sales team at, or call them directly at (877) 644-7774.