Onehub’s new product designer wants to be invisible

We recently brought on Karsten Rowe to join our product design team here at Onehub, and honestly, he’s hoping you won’t even notice his work.

Rowe designs, wireframes and storyboards experiences across all of Onehub’s products, including our data security tool, Marshal. “My goal,” said Rowe, “is to remove friction and make the product more seamless.” Continue reading

Meet Mike McCracken, Onehub developer, robotic mini golf enthusiast

Onehub has a lot of big plans for the back half of 2016. Obviously we can’t talk about them all here and ruin the surprise, but we can give you the vaguest of teasers and say that we have hired Mike McCracken to make our upcoming products even more awesome.

We sat down with Mike, to ask him about what he’ll be doing at Onehub, and how industrial presses can make mini golf better.
Continue reading

Team Onehub outwits ninjas

We don’t want to brag — well… yeah we do. The Onehub crew took an afternoon off a couple weeks back to do a little team building, by pulling off a big high-tech heist. A caper, if you will.

We took a trip to Ninja Escape in Seattle to lock ourselves in a room and see if by working together, we could solve a series of puzzles to “steal” from the big baddie, and spring ourselves. Using math, code-breaking and, our knowledge of early 80s pop culture we successfully completed our mission with just 41 seconds to spare! Continue reading

Diana Swenson is excited to teach you about Onehub

Pasted image at 2016_03_08 06_42 AMTons of people sign up for a free Onehub trial every day. That’s awesome, but as we add so many potential customers, we want to make sure each of them has a great experience with our secure file sharing solution.

That’s why we hired Diana Swenson as Onehub’s new Sales Development Representative, or SDR for short. Since many of you will be speaking with her directly, we thought we’d introduce her and her role here properly with this quick chat.

What does an SDR do?
As an SDR, I get to assist new trial customers with our file sharing platform. I set up screenshare demos to make sure they understand what they can do with Onehub. I also assist with customer service related calls as needed and mostly just make sure people have a great experience using Onehub! Continue reading

Meet Onehub software engineer Phillip Wilt

10646975_398740330275075_2464794423638780231_nAs Seattle grows and more tech companies build engineering centers up here, the competition for hiring tech talent is heating up. Thankfully, we were able to nab our new software engineer, Phillip Wilt, before anyone else could get to him.

Phil has been with us for a couple of weeks, and now that he’s settled in, we thought it would be a great time to introduce him through a quick Q&A:

What do you do for Onehub?
As a full-stack developer, I pretty much have a hand in everything from databases to CSS to helping Ryan out with DevOps. Continue reading

Chris Turner rides in to help Onehub customers

DSC_0292At Onehub, we hope to minimize the amount of customer support you’ll actually need, and for when it’s necessary, we want it to be the best experience for you. Our support team is staffed by real, live people (not robots), who are happy to help.

The newest addition to our team is Chris Turner, Onehub Customer Support Engineer. He’s been with us for a month now, learning the ropes from Amy and the rest of the Onehub team. Now that he’s fully ingrained, we thought we’d give him a proper introduction.


I help customers when they have questions about the service, or need some help with their account. Continue reading

Lifting heavy loads is no problem for Ryan Graham

RYAN PICMeet Ryan Graham, Onehub DevOps engineer and the newest member of the Onehub team.

Graham helps make sure that Onehub is always up and running and ready for you to use. And as an avid weightlifter, heavy loads are no problem for him in the gym or at the data center.

Bad Horrible jokes aside, we asked Graham a few questions about what he does and what he loves doing.


I’m Ryan Graham. I drink coffee and I write software. I do DevOps for Onehub.


It’s Ops with a different philosophy applied. Instead of repeating tasks, you invest the time and effort upfront to write software that automates those tasks.

DevOps engineers create infrastructure as code. We write software that automatically provisions servers and maintains the health of those servers. Continue reading

Ultron should have used Onehub

Evidently the latest Avengers movie wasn’t as big a blockbuster as had been predicted. The folks at Disney can’t blame us. We’re suckers for superhero movies at Onehub, so we went en masse to the Cinerama opening day to get our fix (and fill up on chocolate popcorn).

Spoiler alert: The Avengers defeat Ultron. Though maybe if Ultron had stored a copy of himself on Onehub and set someone like Kang or M.O.D.O.K. as collaborators, he’d still be plotting world destruction today.

So much for machine learning.

Here are a few photos of Team Onehub avenge-ing.

IMG_0564 Continue reading