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Onehub provides easy, economical online file sharing for Hilco Industrial, LLC.

Easy, secure and controllable cloud-based file sharing.

Valery Moody, Director of Operations at Hilco Industrial, LLC, a Hilco Global Company, is a long-time advocate of using the cloud to operate a business economically. They use Onehub’s secure online file sharing to help them conduct machinery and equipment disposition services in high-profile industries such as automotive, alternative energy, technology and utilities.

Hilco Industrial originally signed up for the free 14-day trial of Onehub to replace email for sharing files internally. It was Onehub’s broader potential as a cloud-based data room that caused them to eventually switch to Onehub. With several projects occurring at once across multiple offices around the US, Hilco needed a solution that could provide external access to the hundreds of images, videos and supporting files in a controllable, yet very easy, way.

“The trial had already shown us how easy Onehub is to use,” says Moody. “Then we saw that we could assign outside employees with passwords and access, set their permissions, plus brand it with our own company logo. The package was very attractive.”

When their Onehub trial period was over, Hilco Industrial moved to the Onehub Business plan and put the Onehub-hosted cloud to work to support their specific data room needs.

Some projects, for instance, have only a couple of administrators who manage basic documents and business images of available inventory.

More complex projects are controlled at a more granular level and typically receive a more secure data room and stricter role-based permissions. In this case, external users might sign a nondisclosure agreement to access pictures and videos of equipment being sold, as well as confidentiality agreements, documentation, and similar files for completing the sale.

“We post a lot of proprietary information that we don’t want to give out to just anybody,” says Moody. “Onehub helps us easily control access to these files.”

Internal-only Onehub workspaces help Hilco manage their day-to-day business across the US, such as when the marketing group shares information, photos and graphics via the cloud. Her teams also use Onehub for workgroup-based document editing—for instance, to keep project spreadsheets continuously updated.

According to Moody, an important benefit of using Onehub is how quickly they can share information across their widespread and mobile workforce, while still being able to control who sees what. “It’s really easy to set up a workspace for everyone to use no matter where they are. I just drag and drop to upload documents, and then set permissions. Whether our people work from an office or with mobile devices, they can get the documents they need more easily than through email.”

Other file sharing solutions they looked at didn’t offer the level of control of Onehub, weren’t nearly as easy to use, or were very expensive.

“Comparing the features and costs of our Onehub solution to what a proprietary or full data room product would have been, it’s clear that Onehub offers a significant value in monthly savings,” says Moody. “It’s easy, it’s economical, and it does exactly what we need at this point in time.”

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We post a lot of proprietary information that we don’t want to give out to just anybody. Onehub helps us easily control access to these files.

Valery Moody

Director of Operations, Hilco Industrial, LLC
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