Onehub’s secure, online file sharing helps Limeade protect
information and grow its workplace wellness service.

Protecting contracts and keeping information flowing with Onehub.

The people at Limeade are at the cusp of a vital new industry. They help enterprises set up custom online portals to promote, track, and reward health and wellness among their workforces. Employees can access health and wellness tools and information while sharing in creative, rewarding challenges to improve their health and well-being.

Based in Bellevue, WA, this fast-growing company first used Onehub as a secure online data room during a round of venture capital funding. Onehub was their go-to online space for all the proprietary contracts, legal materials, and corporate files that potential investors would want to examine.

Now with a respectably sized portfolio, Limeade has expanded its use of Onehub into an online content management system for storing and managing customer contracts and proprietary internal documents, as well as for online file sharing of confidential files with external auditors and evaluators. Both aspects help them use Onehub to carry out important functions and keep the business growing.

Ostheimer and the company controller are the primary users of Onehub, constantly sharing Limeade’s private documents securely throughout the day. They’ve found the cloud-based Onehub solution especially helpful when one of them is working remotely and they can’t hand documentation across a desk.

Besides their own private company information, some of the content they put on Onehub contains client contract data that must be kept protected and confidential.

Knowing that all this content is safe and secure on the Onehub cloud is vital to Ostheimer’s peace of mind. Yet she’s also the first to say that she’s very careful about controlling the access at her end, too.

That’s probably why her favorite feature is the ability to securely upload her files and then share them folder by folder, or file by file, according to each user’s needs. Most users receive just viewer rights, while others, such as their legal team, benefits brokers, and external auditors, have download rights to certain files, when applicable. “I can even turn off access completely when an external party no longer needs it, or when someone leaves the company,” she says.

She also likes that she can customize their Onehub folders and how she lays out information for the end user. That has been especially important during evaluations, where Limeade has a specific structure they like to follow for presenting information.

“Especially during key times like an audit or evaluation period,” says Ostheimer, “it’s important to us and our external users to have easy, well-organized access to our documents any time they want. It keeps our processes going smoothly.”

She also dubs the Onehub solution as “very efficient and self-explanatory,” having set up her company’s workspaces without any real training. “Onehub’s layout and hierarchical levels of access are well thought out and easy to understand. I was able to set it up according to Limeade guidelines without a lot of effort.”

Adds Ostheimer, “Onehub is very easy to use, and I am confident that it’s secure. I like its flexibility and that it’s configurable to how we want to structure our files and data. Knowing that our files are protected, well-organized, and easily accessible has been important to our company’s success.”

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Using Onehub has definitely supported our growth. We can secure our very private internal documents, yet control how we and other parties access the documents in real time, which has helped us scale our growth.
Jaime Ostheimer

Jaime Ostheimer

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