MossWarner upgrades Onehub plan to get the storage they need
while keeping the control they depend on.

Secure, share, and control files with Onehub.

Talk with Marcy Kalina, vice president of MossWarner, about Onehub online file sharing solution and the phrase “We love how it…” comes up frequently. Top on her list are its control over file sharing, robust features, fantastic ease of use, and the unlimited storage they get with their new Onehub Business plan.

A full-service marketing communications agency, MossWarner serves clients such as Panasonic, Mars, and Mitsubishi Electric from three locations across the U.S. They’ve used Onehub since 2008 to share work on videos, print materials, and corporate communications with pinpoint control over who interacts with files, and to what degree.

Years of producing gigabyte-hungry videos, multi-megabyte print files, and projects packed with high-resolution assets finally maxed out their Onehub storage space. They were constantly asking associates to delete files they didn’t need.

The unlimited storage of their new Onehub plan lets them archive everything, freeing them from file maintenance and space shortages. More importantly, they can still easily protect their clients’ content through user roles and user permission features, some of which also came with their upgrade to Onehub Business plan.

Multiple MossWarner associates manage all of their files and projects through numerous Onehub workspaces they’ve made for in-house and external use. Hundreds of clients, freelancers and vendors access these from around the world via Onehub’s hosted solution. They create, preview, edit, view, download, and print files from multiple devices in order to review and approve projects. It’s constant file sharing, all day every day.

The agency naturally deals with a lot of confidential info, and larger clients can be hawks about keeping executive presentations, corporate communications, and other projects under wraps even within their own company. Onehub’s document sharing features gives Kalina’s teams easy ways to manage what files get shared and with whom they are shared with.

First, to isolate right of entry and improve the client experience, each customer gets access to their own MossWarner-branded workspace for receiving project files and storing all their logos, photos, images, and graphics. Thumbnail views make it easy for an associate to flip through files, then send password-protected links to those who need them. They’ve also purchased the white label feature that enables them to use their own domain name for the portal, so that clients only see “MossWarner” (instead of also “Onehub”) in the URL of their client portal.

“I love how quickly we can set up custom client workspaces,” says Kalina. “It delights our clients to have their own area and provides special value to them.”

Second, any time they post an item to a workspace, associates can quickly set role permissions so that invited users only see what MossWarner wants them to see. This might be access to a workspace, folder, file, comments, download ability, and more.

“It takes us a few extra seconds to think about each posting,” says Kalina, “but the fact that we can protect certain folders and files within an entire workspace gives us a lot of control and flexibility. And the drag-and-drop feature to upload files is awesome—very easy to use.”

She’s also enthusiastic about how Onehub helps them easily manage their accounts and projects: storage, workspaces, access levels, project activity. “I can see all permissions and actions taking place within the workspaces, and I can tell when a client has downloaded a file.” Their new upgrade adds the ability to audit such actions, as well as to obscure workspace activity from unauthorized eyes.

“Other products we looked at, like SharePoint and Basecamp, either offered too many features that we would never use and would be too hard to manage, or didn’t have enough features beyond being just a FTP/file storage area,” explains Kalina. “Onehub didn’t promise to do everything, but we saw early on that its features would meet our needs. We’ve stayed with it because it does what it does really well.”

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Our global clients expect us to maintain the highest level of confidentiality around their information, and we haven’t found another solution that gives us the level of control we get with Onehub.
Marcy Kalina

Marcy Kalina

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