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Onehub data rooms are a bright spot for UK Solar Assets.


The security, customizability, and affordability of Onehub Data Rooms help this solar farm development company deliver sustainable energy throughout the U.K..


UK Solar Assets Limited takes a community approach to building solar farms. When the company selects a potential site to construct a large scale solar facility, they engage with local ecologists, businesses, schools, and even archaeologists to ensure that UK Solar Assets is a good steward of the land they lease. The company wants to make sure it gets everything right.

With each solar farm being multi million dollar developments, it’s just as important to get all the financing and documentation for investors right as well. Which is why UK Solar Assets chose Onehub as its Data Room provider.


Onehub Data Rooms offer a secure place for companies to share highly sensitive information to multiple parties at once without those parties knowing about each other. Data Rooms are a way of baking in an additional layer of privacy into your collaboration tools.

UK Solar Assets uses Onehub Data Rooms to help solar farm investors and their lawyers conduct due diligence before building out a particular location. The Data Rooms become a repository for planning documents, spreadsheets, environmental reports — everything an investor should know about a potential site before construction begins.

UK Solar Assets explored a number of different data room vendors and selected Onehub because of its:


By having granular permissions such as Creator, Downloader and Viewer, the company could better manage document access. As these documents are shared with various experts and admins, finely tuning roles on the fly gives UK Solar Assets tighter control of their data.


UK Solar Assets uses its own logo and brand colors for its Data Room to provide a seamless user experience for investors and their teams. The company integrates the Onehub Data Room sign in form directly into its site through an “Investor Portal” so investors only need to visit one site to access information. Additionally, UK Solar Assets set up a series of useful permanent links within the Workspace to guide people to often visited sites.


Onehub’s straightforward pricing was a deciding factor for UK Solar Assets. Data Room competitors that charged by the page were too expensive since the company generates between 200 - 500 documents per deal. Other Data Room providers were geared for short term projects, but setting up a solar farm typically takes more than a year, so those short term options were too expensive. Onehub’s price plus the ability to control free vs. paid users made it the smartest choice.


UK Solar Assets realized the benefits of Onehub Data Rooms almost immediately.

Costs went down.

In addition to straightforward pricing and better permission controls to manage costs, the easy customization tools for branded Data Rooms cut UK Solar Asset’s monthly web development costs from £2,000 a month down to £300.

Productivity increased.

With powerful role-based permissions, UK Solar Assets limits who can edit files. This reduces redundancies with better version management, so everyone knows which is the latest document to work from. Additionally, Onehub’s tight integration with Google Docs allows UK Solar Assets to get more done within Onehub itself, without the need for application switching.

Clients are communicating.

The process of migrating to Onehub Data Rooms has been seamless for UK Solar Assets. Investors adopted the new platform easily, fully, and immediately.

For UK Solar Assets, Onehub Data Rooms provide an easy way to manage the very complex problem of creating sustainable energy in a responsible manner. To find out more about creating a Onehub Data Room, contact

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Through features like customization and branding tools, Onehub Data Rooms save us money while delivering a better user experience.
Jonathan Dryden

Jonathan Dryden

Programme Manager, UK Solar Assets
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