University of Washington Athletics

Onehub’s ease-of-use improves workflow and speeds media sharing for 23 sports teams at prestigious school.


Onehub’s clean design, custom branded portal and mobile app helps the University of Washington’s athletic department design team share media files quickly and streamline approvals.


The University of Washington is home to some of the top collegiate sports teams in the country. The UW Athletics design team has a big job; overseeing artwork, media files and social media for 23 teams in a deadline-driven environment.

In this special video case study, see how the UW Athletic department uses Onehub to:

  • Collaborate across the university and a network of freelancers to generate and approve content quickly
  • Customize its sharing portal with UW’s logo to unify collaboration
  • Share photo highlights from tournaments on the spot on social media channels
  • Empower coaches with digital media tools wherever they are with the Onehub mobile app

Watch the video to learn more about how UW Athletics improved their file sharing with Onehub, then sign up for a free 14-day Onehub trial of your own. If you have more questions, contact our sales team directly who are happy to help.

I loved the interface. I loved how straightforward it was.
Chris Hein

Chris Hein

Manager, Digital Media, UW Athletics
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