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White Wolf Capital LLC uses Onehub to maintain control over document sharing.

An ideal secure data room with Onehub.

At the private investment firm of White Wolf Capital LLC (“White Wolf”), controlling access to sensitive data is a very big deal. White Wolf is a New York based private investment firm that began operations in late 2011 and is focused on management buyouts, recapitalizations and investments in leading middle market companies.

Effectively analyzing, organizing and managing large amounts of information while at the same time protecting highly confidential, very sensitive financial information from start to final closing is critical. The more seamlessly they can do that, points out Managing Director Elie Azar, the better they can serve their investors.

Relying on email for this kind of file exchange is inefficient. White Wolf needed a highly secure data room solution to help organize their work and offer controlled access to both internal team members and investors. They tested a number of products but they found that they were either too expensive, too complex, not seamless enough, or didn’t have the attractive, clean design they were looking for.

Then they found Onehub. “Look at Onehub and you see an elegant, easy to use, and highly secure data management system,” says Azar. “It’s simple, it does the job, and it’s cost effective.”

White Wolf deals with a lot of moving parts. For every transaction and due diligence process, they must gather, analyze and organize a company’s information. Onehub helps the White Wolf deal team do that in an efficient and effective manner. In addition, White Wolf uses Onehub to confidentially and securely share investment information and investor reporting packages with their investors.

Using Onehub is pivotal for managing and streamlining their process and protecting everyone’s interests. Their various data rooms (Onehub “workspaces”) let them organize and present data in ways that make the most sense for each transaction.

In some cases they might provide view-only access to all files in a workspace. In others, they might selectively restrict access to certain folders or files within a folder, or even possibly restrict a user from downloading a file without restricting printing. Audit trails let Azar and his team know who has accessed a file and when it was viewed.

“We have a duty of care,” explains Azar. “While we can’t regulate everything that someone does with a downloaded file, from our standpoint, we always have to be professional, ethical and act in good faith to protect confidential information. Our Onehub data sites allow us to do just that.”

Another attractive aspect of Onehub’s user permissions was that Onehub lets them “private label” their data rooms with their logo and colors. A direct link from their website allows investors to log in to each data room. “Even though we use the Onehub domain, our data sites appear integrated with our brand and look very professional,” says Azar.

He reports that they’ve had no reliability issues at all with Onehub’s document sharing solution, and that it’s so astoundingly easy to use that they were up and running in an hour. “It’s literally as simple as creating folders and dragging and dropping files. It looks sophisticated and is highly secure, yet it’s also so simple.”

So how well does Onehub deliver on the level of security and control that White Wolf was looking for in a cloud based data room? Azar says, “I give these guys a 10 out of 10!”

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We have a duty of care… we always have to be professional, ethical and act in good faith to protect confidential information. Our Onehub data sites allow us to do just that.

Elie Azar

Managing Director, White Wolf Capital LLC
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