We protect your data as if it were our own.

The security you need to share sensitive business information.

Bank-level security keeps your data safe.

Onehub uses the same 256-bit encryption and physical security policies as banks. We employ multiple methods of keeping your data secure both in transit and at rest. Using SSL, every communication is sent over a secure, encrypted connection. Data is always stored encrypted when at rest. Our service is monitored 24/7, and our practices are verified by VeriSign.

Stay worry-free.

With Onehub’s data storage and backup features, your data is safe from any physical or infrastructure failures. Your data is stored and backed up across multiple devices and multiple facilities. Our system regularly checks the data for integrity using checksums. If any flaws are found, the system automatically repairs them using redundant data.

Every event is tracked.

Anything a user does is tracked and can be audited by Account and Workspace Administrators. You can be notified when someone access Workspaces, views a preview, downloads a file, or prints a document. Having an audit trail for your files brings peace of mind and helps maintain compliance.

Added features enhance security.

  • Role-based permissions

    Onehub makes it incredibly easy to control access to your files, prevent users from downloading, printing or copying. Online previews allow users to read-only without access to the original document.

  • Data Room features to manage access

    Turn any Workspace into a Virtual Data Room, allowing you to manage and track access to files, while keeping data secure.

  • Simple Document Rights Management

    Onehub provides simple, easy-to-use tools to control the view, print, and download privileges of documents when sharing.

  • Complex password enforcement

    Account administrators can enable an account-wide setting to require complex user passwords. Additionally, administrators can require user passwords be changed on a periodic basis.

  • Workspace agreements

    Require users to accept an agreement before using a particular Workspace. Use a default agreement or customize with your own.

  • Automatic Watermarks

    Onehub includes a Workspace-wide setting to automatically watermark documents that are uploaded to Workspaces. This security feature helps to reduce the risk of data leaks and further track who uploaded the files and when that occurred.

Security Response Policy

Report your concern.

We do everything in our power to keep our customers safe from the latest threats. If you are aware of a security flaw that you believe might impact our products, we want to know about it. Please email any relevant information to security@onehub.com. We strongly recommend that you encrypt your email with our public key. (Public Key Fingerprint: 4C6F 4A7A DA35 EE49 7275 04C5 0D58 1B50 93EC 8445)

We will take action.

We will acknowledge your report within 24 hours and continue to communicate with you as we fix any issues. After triaging, we will privately notify any Onehub Enterprise customers that will require software updates. Lastly, once the issue has been patched and deployed, we will disclose the issue via email and/or blog post.

Straightforward Pricing

$10 per user, per month.

We only have one pricing plan which includes all of the features that Onehub has to offer. Absolutely free for 14 days.