Three ways to speed up your Onehub workflow

We’re just a few days into the new year. You are probably slowly coming to the realization that holidays are over and work is the new normal (again). As always, we at Onehub want to make your work life easier. Don’t think of these as resolutions, think of it as three quick ways you can get work done faster and more efficiently (so you can get back to your real resolutions).

1. Use a custom sign-in form. Embedding a short snippet of code allows users to sign into Onehub directly from your site. That way, you can have better control over their file sharing experience by directing them to your site before accessing your content.

To activate it, sign in to Onehub, go to the Account tab, then select Custom Sign In Form on the right hand side. Copy the code and add the domain(s) you want to allow. (If you really want to impress your collaborators, check out our custom domain and whitelabeling options for the full professional, polished file sharing package.)

2. Make use of our collaboration features. Onehub is more than a file sharing platform, we offer a host of collaboration tools. You can assign tasks, leave comments, edit Google docs and add automatic watermarks. Check out our recent case study on BankTEL, which uses our custom agreement feature to speed up their NDA acceptance process.

3. Preview! Preview! Preview! The beauty of sharing files via the cloud is that you can access them from anywhere with a browser, or through our mobile apps. Our robust previews tool lets users view and review a wide variety of file types, including video files, directly in the browser — no downloading required!

There are a ton more features Onehub offers, but we’re sure spending more time reading blog posts isn’t one of them. To find out how you can get the most out of your account, contact our sales team, they’d be happy to help throughout the year.